Friday, November 8, 2013

Page Protectors Going Up in Price in 2014...

Just in from Corporate...
"The prices of our Memory Protectors™ will be going up with the Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book. There are many factors driving this price change. The main factor is that the production costs have been rising steadily all along, but a dramatic line expansion, like the one we have going into effect in the next Idea Book raises our costs considerably, making it unfeasible for us to maintain the same pricepoint. These price changes to our 12” x 12” Memory Protectors will not be affecting any of the Flip Flap assortments, which will continue to be available in the upcoming Idea Book at their current pricing.

When comparing prices, keep in mind the superior quality of our Memory Protectors, which we assure you will continue with all the new products in this line. While the sudden change in price presents its challenges, increasing prices gradually would only prolong the process and lead to frustration with the release of each new Idea Book over a period of years."

So in all fairness, CTMH has given us 3 months notice for the price change so that we can stock up & I know that I will be as these are the only protectors on the market that truly fit a 12x12 page.

Right now, our "bulk" package of memory protectors (50) is $22.95.  When the new idea book launches February 1st 2014, the new price will be $19.95 for 25!  If you are interested in ordering any, now is the time.  Contact me to day to place your order or click here to shop on line.

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