Friday, March 23, 2012

How To Books Retiring!

How To Books Available While Supplies Last...

If you don't have any of CTMH's How-To Books, now is your only chance! These books are jammed with awesome templates, patterns, ideas, tips & most of them come with a CD or DVD with extras! These won't last long & as of today, Reflections is all ready sold out with Originals close to being sold out as well! Don't delay, get your copy today! For only $21.95 (the lowest price I have ever seen them at), you can't afford not to get them!

Have you ever seen a project in our Idea Books that you loved & wanted to recreate? Did you know that they were created using the layouts from these books? If you look closely under each project, it will tell you which book & the pattern it came simple is that?

Each layout pattern comes with complete with detailed cutting diagrams with step by step assembly instructions on where to place along with photo options & creative techniques. Want even more, then make sure you pick up the Magic How To Book-my absolute favourite of all! This one includes 35 amazing layout patterns that can be used on their own or with the interactive techniques using pop ups, pull outs, slides, cascades & more!

Create beautiful handmade cards with ease using either Originals or Wishes. Each card layout comes with exact dimensions, fold placement guides & step by step assembly instructions along with other variations of the same pattern so you can use it for all kinds of celebrations?

Be sure to order your copies before it is too late. Feel free to order directly from my website or send me an email.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Queen of Deglect!

I am getting good at being a slacker aren't I! I again, can't believe how long it has been since I posted last but a lot has been happening in my personal life that I had to let some of the fun things in life take a back seat :-( I really hand it to these ladies who post something nearly every day-I just can't do it & I have accepted that! I will post when I can & I am proud to say that I have had some time in the last month to do some actual scrapbooking but unfortunately have not had any time to photograph the artwork yet...soon.

Here is something to keep you of my favourite how to books by where this layout came from & it is magic. I absolutely love the interaction you get with these layouts & how many pictures you can include on one page!

There are also some changes coming to my monthly newsletter...yes, I will get back to that too starting with my April newsletter, but please note that my website has changed to Please also note that there is no www. Did you know that my email address changed too? It is now so make sure you make note of those changes so you can keep receiving updates (when they come!).