Friday, August 1, 2014

Moving into the 21st Century...

So my biggest complaint for not blogging as much is I just don't seem to have time to always sit in front of the computer. I always thought there must be a way to do this on my phone...well today I found out there IS a way to do this on my phone!!  But you all probably knew that :-) 

So today is my first post from my phone :-)  Sadly I do not have any photos on my phone of my paper crafting but I do have photos of my boy Jerry :-) We are heading to a camping trip in the photo I will share & he is bored with the drive so he has taken up residence shall we say on our pillows...

So not only did I find out how to post to my blog from my phone, I also found a couple of really cool photo editing apps so I am playing with them too!

What an eventful day it has been!

Thanks for stopping by & spending some time with me today!

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