Friday, May 9, 2014

Changes coming for CTMH

Hey everyone!  

CTMH has some changes coming & you are the first to know about it ;-)

First off, as good as it was for as long as it was, it has come to an end...Canadian prices at par with the US ;-(  CTMH is adding a 10% increase to the current prices effective with the release of our next idea book.  That being said, the price for the SOTM will remain the same at $5 with a $50 purchase & the minimum for a gathering will still remain at $150 which is nice as the last time the prices were higher due to our $, those went up as well.  So that being said, the new idea book will be available August 1st so the increases will take effect then.  However, if there is anything that you can't live without, now is the time to purchase.  I have seen in the past that when something is "threatened" of extinction (in this case, the really great prices), people shop early & things sell out so don't delay if there is something you reallly reallllllllllllly want ;-)

The next change will come with the idea book.  We cut back a few years ago to just 2 idea books a year & now we will be cutting back to one idea book, calling it "Annual Insprirations" & making them larger (as in more pages) with over 250 new products & the items listed in this idea book will be available for the year.  The price of the idea books will increase from $3.95 currently to $6.50 retail.  As always though, I will continue to offer free idea books with a minimum purchase  ;-) What will be new in addition to our year long idea book will be 2 releases throughout the year for what they are calling "Seasonal Expressions" & their retail value will be $1.25.  Please know that I do have to purchase the idea books & other material that they offer which is why I ask for a minimum purchase to help cover my costs.  I wish I could afford to just give them away all the time ;-)  I do like to treat my best customers now & then so you know if you get a free idea book without a minimum purhase, you are one of them ;-)

Another new item available is what they are calling "Product Collections" where there are 5 new product collections grouped together at a discount :-)   The collections at this point are not in the idea book but may be with the release of the new one in August...I have attached a flyer for more information...
So that is all the news that I have for you this week.  If you are looking for something to do, Carol & her team are hosting a crop in Ingleside on June 14th to support the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay For Life so mark your calendars & I will forward on more information when it becomes available to me ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone & thanks for stopping by!


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