Saturday, July 21, 2012

Retiring Colours...Get them while there are here!

Twice every year CTMH launches an amazing new Idea Book & with the launch of our Fall/Winter Idea Book, there are usually big announcements.  There are too many to list all in one post but one that is of time importance is the retiring colours.  Why do they retire colours you ask?  Well many there are many reasons why; perhaps they are not big sellers, perhaps they are not making anymore kits with them in it or perhaps they want to make room for some new ones...change is always good :-)

As we make room for new colours, some older colours must move on to greener pastures.  Some things in each colour palette are all ready gone so supplies are going fast.  Click on each colour if you are interested.  What's even better about stocking up, is you will qualify for Perfect pairs too!

Here are the colours:

You will notice if you click through the each colour, most of them do not list the cardstock.  If you are wanting any cardstock, you will have to purchase the combo packs:

  • Summer: Holiday Red, Sunflower, Sunny Yellow, Dutch Blue, Moonstruck
  • Spring: Sunkiss Yellow, Key Lime, Heavenly Blue, Lilac Mist, Amethyst, Baby Pink
  • Autumn: Tulip, Garden Green, Spring Iris, Petal, Vineyard Berry
  • Winter: Pansy Purple, Garnet
  • Neutral: Brown Bag, Vanilla Cream, Parchment, Taffy, Grey Flannel, Grey Wool
If you don't want all the other colours of cardstock that are in the combo packs, check out the shade packs (the colours in the brackets are not retiring):
More changes to come so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by :-)


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